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1, p2g, rez, 6m, d, bj, ANCVIS-Anambra Computerised Vehicle Inspection Service

Exceptional Services We Offer

1.Statutory Road Worthiness Inspection

2.Volunteering Inspection

3.Vehicle Auditing

4.Commercial Vehicle Initial Inspection


6.Routine Inspection

7.Government Vehicle Inspection

8.Commercial Vehicle Initial Inspection

Anambra Computerised Vehicle Service

Pioneering Vehicle Inspection For  Road Safety

About US

Anambra Computerised Vehicle Inspection Services ANCVIS was Commissioned in Awka on the 8th June, 2017 by the Anambra State Governor, His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano. We have the core mandate to introduce vehicle testing technologies and carry out computerized vehicle inspection services in Anambra state.

ANCVIS is a Special Purpose Vehicle SPV set up by the Anambra state government in partnership with Temple SYC Limited to partner with the state’s Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) to ensure that motorists are safer on the roads. We have since ensured the reduction of rickety vehicles and accidents in the state via our periodic vehicle inspection. Vehicle must have undergone the computer-based testing to ensure it is roadworthy before being issued the certificate of road worthiness.

ANCVIS works with major stakeholders namely: VIO, FRSC, Nigeria Police, Road Traffic Unions, Electronics and Print Media, the press, and the General Public to achieve this mandate.



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Why Choose Us?

Licensed & Insured
ANCVIS is a Special Purpose Vehicle SPV set up by the Anambra state government in partnership with Temple SYC Limited ,a registered company in Nigeria ensure Road Safety.
Reputable Company
First Computerised Vehicle Inspection Services In Nigeria
Excellent Customer Care
With our friendly and ready customer care attendants, be rest assured that every query, enquiry, complain or comment you have will be attended to in no time.
Monday to Saturday 8:00Am --5:00Pm Nation Wide
Dependable Services
In order to be and remain highly competitive, Ancvis strives to uphold international best practices of quality delivery of Vehicle Inspections Nation Wide

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With so many years of experience, Your safety is our Priority  , ANCVIS is your source for the highest quality service.